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The Dragon Aspect rebels after centuries of imprisonment, reigning terror once again on the continent of Caestice. As the Allied Aspects adjust to the breaking of the peace, ten Heroes seek answers, justice, and retribution.

Control Feurie’s inner fire as she tries to find out more about her lineage and the mysteries surrounding the lost Pyromancers. Find the right balance as Pila chases after her missing father, both of them trying to restore peace in the land. Help the wildling Notch find a new sanctuary for his wildlife menagerie after displacement from the war. Unfold the journeys of Draco the Flameknight, John the Smith, Lucian the Jester, Tera the Treespeaker, Lachesis the Harvester, Vix the Bloodmage & Blaidd the Veteran!

Each of our assets are carefully crafted to show their personality and battle kit. Incredibly talented artists sketch, draw, paint, and render each character and environment with care. At Pere Games we have a dedication to not using any AI generated images in our games. We care about our presentation and artists, and want our games to be visually and morally amazing!


Aspect Heroes uses the classic hex strategy grid in brand new, exciting ways! With the Hero in a central stationary position, enemies spawn procedurally on the outer hex ring. Each enemy interacts with the hex grid differently, with behavior ranging from timid attacks from the fringe to frantically charging towards the Hero. Each Hero has their own unique skill kit — how will you face the onslaught of approaching enemies?

Taking place on a single timeline, explore ten completely different perspectives as the war for Caestice unfolds. Each perspective tells a little more of the whole story. Are events as black and white as they first appear? Every side has a narrative to tell. As you progress in Story Mode, unlock additional heroes to uncover more hidden truths.

Each Hero has a flexible skill tree system. Upon clearing a wave, choose skill upgrades to change your playstyle, summon allies to fight with you in battle, or increase your raw power. The rewards vary in opportunity and strength based on rarities. With large and diverse skill trees, each Hero has over 60,000,000 skill combination possibilities. No two runs will ever be the same!

Take a look at some of our Heroes & their adversaries

Notch | The Hunter

Feurie | The Firemage

Pila | The Legionary

Rat Skeleton



Enjoy early concept art and screenshots for “Aspect Heroes.”


Pere Games is more than a game studio – it’s where creative folks from all over the world team up. Our crew includes artists, designers, writers, actors, programmers, and marketers, all united by a single mission: to take visual and story-driven games to new heights. The mix of our cultures makes our games truly special, with art and storytelling that’s all our own.

Our aim? To make games you can’t get enough of, ones that are fun and pull you back in time after time.

We’re really excited to launch our very first game, “Aspect Heroes.” It marks the beginning of what we hope will be a long adventure, bringing you games that are truly challenging & fun.

Nick french

Studio Director – he/him
Nicholas has always had a passion for narrative and strategy games. The founding of Pere Games came with the goal of taking these genres to the next level. With 8 years of experience in Indie-AA game design and 10+ years of experience in project management, Nicholas has the tools to craft engaging and fun games under a brand new, exciting IP.

Austin Cluff

Development Director – she/they
Austin has over 20 years of experience in programming and software engineering and a lifelong obsession with games and game development. She is dedicated to clean, well-architected, and performant code and a polished, immersive, and fun game experience.


Marketing Director– he/him
Max has always been a video game aficionado, diving deep into the realm of interactive experiences since he could hold a keyboard and a mouse. With over two decades in marketing and digital content creation, his passion lies within the indie gaming community. His responsibilities include brand building, marketing strategy, social media management, PR, and community management.


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